“The strength of the ETS NORD webshop is clarity”


Bonava building service technology manager Kimmo Koivisto is a seasoned customer of online shops and places orders for all his site deliveries with industry webshops. According to him, the strength of the ETS NORD webshop is clarity: the most frequently needed essential items are immediately visible.

The most typical jobs Koivisto is responsible for, are high-rise building sites, where the progress of works is relatively predictable and scheduled. That is why he prefers to place online orders well in advance because it is then easy to schedule the goods to arrive at a time they are needed at the site.  – When you make your online purchases for a contract in time, you will know that there is at least one thing less to keep in mind. We have always been able to assume safely that the goods will be delivered exactly as agreed, Koivisto says.

The webshop is a safe bet for a stand-in

If additional unforeseen needs arise, it is easy to place new orders online. Placing orders online is always the fastest way to go. An order placed by phone or by email must always be entered into the ordering system. By contrast, webshops are never congested.

If the site manager becomes ill, it is much easier for a stand-in to step into the boss’s boots when the webshop provides an itemisation of the ordered, delivered, and pending products. The site manager can go on a holiday without having to fear that people will try to reach them by phone when all the information related to the delivery of the goods is documented in the webshop.

Bonava is the leading housing developer in northern Europe. The company has created homes and neighbourhoods since the 1930s and operates with its 2300 professionals in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, St. Petersburg, Estonia and Latvia. In 2019 Bonava’s net sales were EUR 1.46 billion, and the company is listed in Nasdaq Stockholm.


 The strengths of the new ETS NORD webshop

  • Remarkably clear: The products can be easily entered into an Excel based product view by product group
  • The stock situation is displayed in real time
  • Order tracking by order and product; delivered and pending products clearly visible
  • Monitoring total volume per project and payments
  • Fast quote processing and much faster delivery to the customer than by using traditional ordering methods
  • The packaging sizes of the products are clearly visible

Activate the new ETS NORD webshop now

The ETS NORD webshop is currently operating on both, an old and a new platform. The old platform will be phased out in June, and projects will not automatically move from the old platform to the new one. You should therefore enable the new webshop now and save some time in the future.

As a user of the old webshop you can sign in to the new webshop yourself. Your email address will serve as your user ID. You can create a new password for yourself the first time you log in to the new webshop.

If you do not yet have access to our webshop, you can request your sales person or customer service to activate your user ID at myynti@etsnord.fi.