Roof hoods

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NORDroof roof hoods are rectangular or round air intake devices and exhaust air diffusers.

Standard connection methods are possible for both round and rectangular duct fittings or, alternatively, with a flashing fitting. We recommend using the flashing fitting with all our roof hoods. Standard factory-made fittings ensure good rain resistance and are easy and quick to install. The advantages of the respective products are weather resistance, durable construction and low pressure loss.

NORDroof roof hoods are made of zinc-magnesium coated sheet steel ZM310 (Magnelis®), which has excellent corrosion resistance. The standard product has environmental class C4. On special order, we can also manufacture roof hoods from acid-resistant steel or have them coated with paint. You can find information about the technical properties of special materials in our material guidelines.

NORDroof products are suitable for different objects and can withstand different weather conditions. They are used in industrial, commercial and residential buildings, as well as at airports, stadiums, etc.