External louvres

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The external louvres and snow shields of the NORDexternal product group are meant for air intake and exhaust openings in the external walls of the building.

We manufacture external louvres both in standard sizes and they can be ordered custom-made. Larger louvres/shields are made of modules and will be installed on site. The louvres/shields have ideal rain resistance and are available for both surface and flush mounting.

The material of the standard products is a hot-dip galvanized steel profile or sheet steel, which is coated with powder paint, thus achieving the resistance to environment class C4. We also manufacture tailor-made products from other materials. You can find information about the technical properties of special materials in our material guidelines.

The products of the NORDexternal product group are suitable for severe and changing weather conditions (heat, rainwater, snow) and prevent precipitation, tree leaves, birds, etc. from entering the supply air ducts.