RVI external louvre without frame


RVI is an external louvre installed into the wall without a frame, designed to protect fresh air and extract air openings of ventilation systems. RVI provides effective protection against precipitation with low pressure loss. Water penetration is tested according to EUROVENT 2/5 standards.

Construction and dimensions:
RVI consists of three parts: mounting frame, protective mesh, removable louvre.
The corners of the louvre are welded to be waterproof.
The protective mesh of the louvre is a welded hot-dip galvanized wire mesh with a opening size of 19x19x1.05 mm. The opening size of the acid-proof mesh is 11.7x11.7x1.0 mm.
As standard, louvres are rectangular.
Upon request, triangular louvres can be made.

The standard step for the rectangular louvre is 50 mm. The tolerances for dimensions B and H are -2/-5 mm.
Standard color is RAL 7000.
Custom colors are available from the RAL K7 Classic color chart, which includes all 213 RAL CLASSIC colors.
Powder coating is used to enhance design and corrosion resistance. Products are coated with a polyester powder paint based on TGIC-free polyester resin. Polyester paints are UV-resistant and weather-resistant and are therefore well suited for outdoor use.
The thickness of the paint layer is 60-80 μm. The lifespan of the surface coating depends on environmental conditions, ranging from 20 to 50 years.
Width 200 – 2000 mm
Height 200 – 1500 mm
Standard color RAL 7000 G72
Special colors RAL K7

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