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The products of the NORDsilencer product group are designed to reduce unwanted noise in ducts. The product group includes silencers for both rectangular and round ventilation systems.

Silencers provide effective noise protection and create a comfortable living and working environment. Noise reduction has been tested according to ISO 7235. The mineral wool and synthetic insulation material used is resistant to cleaning (nylon brush washing) and independent research has proven that with proper care, these insulations have a service life of up to 50 years in residential and office buildings. Synthetic insulation material corresponds to the purity class M1 of building materials.

The use of silencers is especially important in public buildings with large and powerful ventilation ducts. Such as residential and commercial premises, public spaces, sports and industrial halls, schools, hotels, etc.

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The EPD environmental report prepared for hot-dip galvanized steel sheet silencers describes the environmental effects of the products in question throughout their entire life cycle.