Product label: MSKI - i - a x b - L - f x n



MSKI/MSPI-rectangular silencer for rectangular duct systems. Suitable for use in exhaust, intake and discharge, supply air handling systems.
The elements are available in a widths 100, 150 and 200 mm.
Standard lengths of rectangular silencers are 1250 and 2000 mm.
MSKI and MSPI-silencers with noise reducing insulation are covered with galvanized sheet metal plate and the internal casing are made of perforated sheet metal plate. Dimensions a and b are for the internal casing. Z-flange are attached to the internal casing at both ends.
MSKI absorption material: mineral wool board, covered with black glass fibre textile.
MSPI absorption material: synthetic sound insulation.
Material Zn, ZM, H
Width mm
Height mm
Length 1250, 2000 mm

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