Maintenance doors

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The NORDdoor product group consists of various hatches and doors meant for cleaning and inspecting the ventilation ducts. Clean ducts are vital in ensuring good indoor air quality. All maintenance doors are equipped with a seal. Insulated maintenance doors are insulated with fireproof- or thermal insulation.

The tightness classes for maintenance doors are determined in accordance with (SFS-) EN 1751. We manufacture the products of this product group from hot-dip galvanized sheet steel as a standard, but they can also be custom-made from special materials. You can find information about the technical properties of special materials in our material guidelines.

Maintenance doors are installed in the air ducts in the places provided for the inspection and cleaning of the ducts, but they are especially important in buildings where the ducts need to be maintained more often than usual. Examples of such places are food handling rooms, professional kitchens, healthcare facilities and hotels.