AHUiQ - Air Handling Unit Sizing Program


The AHUiQ selection software is designed for HVAC engineers and does not require administrator rights during installation.  You can install selection sofware by downloading the installation package here.  ​

Why should you concider using AHUiQ?
AHUiQ has been developed concidering a lot of feedback from designers and their needs. This impacts how the units are selected, and what needs the designers have during project cycle. ​

Some of the features are: ​
  • SFP calculation - Project-level SFP (Specific Fan Power) calculation, where you can add units from outside AHUiQ and take an Excel export according to the SFP guide. Real time project SFP reflecting all the changes to the units. ​
  • Excel exports - Versatile and different Excel exports facilitate easy data gathering and comparison for equiment and units selected.  ​
  • Wide portfolio of units - A large selection of modular units and an expanding compact range allow the use of the same program regardless of the needs in the project. ​
  • Multiple calculation points - Units can be calculated for partial loads or boost situations with the same components. Making reserve calculations or reviewing partial load performance have never been easier. ​
  • Rotor leakage inspection - Comprehensive rotor leakage calculation enables the management of leakages and balanced sizing of machines.
  • Functional diagrams Clear and ready-to-use functional diagrams in PDF or DWG format directly from the Program. ​
  • Glycol heat exchanger with mutiple coils - You can calculate multiple supplly and exhaust units with glycol heat recovery as one heat recovery circuit.​
​Start selecting you next air handling unit with AHUiQ.  

For more information contact our specialists

Jarkko Salo

Product Group Manager, Recair Modular Units

Tommi Liikola

Product Group Manager, Recair Compact R300