HR Grease Canopy


​The HR grease canopy ensures a clean, hygienic and comfortable work environment by removing pollutants, excessive heat and grease from the cooking process.
The same unit can supply fresh replacement air into the room to provide ultimate worker comfort.
Our AirGrip air intake system further improves canopy effectiveness by steering the cooking gases toward the exhaust chamber.
HR canopies are easily upgradable to model HZ with our optional ETS NORD ozone modules. See HZ Grease canopy with ozone cleaning.


ETS NORD kitchen canopy solutions  are modular in design and can be made to any size, to satisfy the needs for any customer project. Individual modules have the following specifications.
Material AISI 304
Height 400, 550, 400/550
Length 1000, 1100, …, 2400, 2500
Depth 900, 1000, …, 1900, 2000

For more information contact our specialists

Marcus Hintze

Product Group Manager, NORDcanopy

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Product Group Manager, NORDcanopy, NORDgrille & NORDdiffuser