Kitchen ventilation

The NORDcanopy product group consists of ventilation equipment installed above kitchen appliances in the food service industry. Our wide collection of canopies ranges simple exhaust canopies to a versatile hybrid or ozonation canopies. The product development of our kitchen ventilation equipment is continuous and meets the demanding needs of professional kitchens.

In order to achieve an efficient, comfortable and hygienic work environment, any excess heat, moisture, grease and other air pollutants must be removed from the kitchen. NORDcanopy products are manufactured from stainless steel (AISI 304) in accordance with standards SFS-EN 10088-2:2014, EN 1.4301,  EN 16282-2 and 16282-8. All our canopies are laser-welded. Laser welding makes the canopy seams tight and easy to clean. Laser welding with standard material makes the canopy modules stiffer and thus easier to install. All welded grease canopies are equipped with ozone readiness.

The installation is also accelerated by the mutual control and locking system (Fit-and-Lock) of the canopy modules. The ETS NORD’s suspension solution is brilliant: it can be directed 360 ° and the adjustment range is up to 65 mm.

The ergonomics of the kitchen staff have been taken into account with various lighting solutions and alternative supply air solutions (general supply air from the front panel / general supply air from the ends / capture air from three sides / adjustable supply air).

Heat recovery is possible thanks to efficient ozone purification and this also creates energy savings.

ETS NORD grease canopies are compatible with the Ansul fire extinguishing system.

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