UV Ultraviolet Cleaning System for kitchen canopies


​ETS NORD’s UV cleaning system utilizes ultraviolet light to significantly reduce grease and odor particles from the exhaust chambers and extraction ducts of commercial kitchens. UV cleaning is optionally available with many ETS NORD commercial kitchen canopies.
UV cleaning system features

  • The system will shut down if grease filters are removed or not correctly fitted.
  • The system will shut down if the pressure in the extraction chamber drops below 20 Pa.
  • Electronics are protected by thermal protection and type C circuit breaker.
  • HACCP International certificate for food safety under preparation.
  • Meets kitchen UV safety requirements.
  • CE certified.

  • UV lamps are powered separately, so the failure of one lamp does not affect the others.
  • Each canopy operates independently, even when the main canopy and panel are switched off.
Compatibility with building automation:
  • Modbus, I/O and LAN connectivity are included as standard.
  • Data flow with building automation - alarm notification, operating mode, maintenance notification, fan connection, FACP compatible.
  • Remote monitoring IoT (Internet of Things) from the local area network or Internet.
  • Timer clock configuration option.

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