aSAP Solution


​​The aSAP solution is ETS NORD's professional kitchen canopy solution, which guarantees that the canopy size required for good ventilation does not have to be compromised due to small spaces. The aSAP solution makes the canopy easy to transport and install. The canopy solution assembly kit can easily be moved to a new restaurant space, and adapted to fit new ventilation needs.
All ETS NORD grease canopies are made according to the planned dimensions and as an aSAP solution. Most of the canopies are delivered pre-assembled to t​he site and some are delivered as a five-part assembly kit if necessary, which makes it convenient to transport and install even a large canopy in a cramped location. The canopy is transported in parts and assembled on site.
Installation is ergonomic and easy. The canopy is installed by removing the roof panel and raising it through the ceiling. Ready-made suspension solutions and pre-installed seals speed up installation. Adjusting the height of the open top canopy and connecting and insulating the ducts is easy. To complete the installation, simply install the roof panel in the mounting grooves - no screws are required.
The aSAP solution adapts to the needs of the kitchen. If the restaurant changes, so does the canopy. The canopy made with the aSAP solution can be easily disassembled, washed and reassembled in a new kitchen. If the ventilation needs change, the size, efficiency and structure of the canopy can be changed or supplemented with additional parts.

Watch a short demo video ofthe aSAP solution.

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