Varkaus Hospital

The efficiency and functionality of Varkaus Hospital is ensured by lifecycle implementation

The new hospital in Varkaus will be completed on the site of the old hospital in the Kommila district. The construction of a completely new hospital was decided due to energy and operational efficiency and customer orientation, which, according to the report, would have been difficult with the old hospital building. Modern hospital facilities require adaptability and integration to evolving treatment processes.

The new Varkaus Hospital will house social and health services, specialist nursing wards, rehabilitative wards, basic psychiatric wards, acute care and emergency services. The hospital will employ more than 300 professionals in various fields and will serve residents of both Varkaus and the surrounding municipalities. The new building is scheduled to be commissioned in spring 2021.

Varkaus Hospital will be implemented as a lifecycle project, in which the selected service provider, Lujatalo Oy, will design and build the property, and will take responsibility for maintenance for a separately defined period of time. The lifecycle model ensures that the new hospital meets the jointly agreed targets, including energy efficiency, material sustainability, and indoor climate. In addition, in the lifecycle model, the service provider commits to developing new solutions to save investment and maintenance costs.

Construction of the Varkaus hospital began in the spring of 2019. ETS NORD has supplied the hospital with ventilation ducts and duct sections, silencers, fire dampers, roof diffusers, and snow protection grilles.

Suomen Talotekniikka Oy is responsible for the project’s building services solutions and Purchasing Manager Kalle Ahveninen has a long-term working relationship with ETS NORD. ‘I have been satisfied with ETS NORD’s operating methods,’ says Ahveninen. ‘Complaints, which come from time to time in every project, have been handled in an exemplary manner. Overall, our collaboration has worked well. The availability of the products has been good, and I appreciate ETS NORD’s flexibility and especially their good attitude,’ he acknowledges.

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Sales, Southeastern Finland