Kymenlaakso Central Hospital

Automation in Kymenlaakso Central Hospital improves operations

The extension of Kymenlaakso Central Hospital, G-building, will be completed in early 2020. The extension consists of five floors, one which is completely and the other partially underground. The extension will be implemented in connection with a functioning hospital. The extension includes operating theatres, emergency services, intensive care and supervision, a maternity clinic and maternity ward, as well as equipment maintenance. The operation of the hospital will continue uninterrupted even in the middle of construction without compromising patient safety.

The G-building is the first part of the completely renovated Kymenlaakso Central Hospital to be completed, and its commissioning is scheduled for March 2020.

The extension section makes extensive use of building automation. The hygiene of the operating theatres is ensured by a tightly-sealed wall structure, which makes it possible to precisely regulate ventilation. The ventilation system regulates the temperature of the halls, the level of fine particles and humidity, and the transfer of air. The automation is advanced; the control system enables both operation and surgeon-specific pre-sets as well as automatic air purification between operations, which in turn makes the change times in the halls short and minimizes idle use.

The ETS Control fire dampers and smoke control automation system are also integrated into the hospital’s building automation. Jari Kokkinen of Wikholm Talotekniikka Oy, who has been responsible for ventilation contracting, says that his previous good experience with ETS NORD has had a great impact on the acquisition of the fire damper and smoke control system. – ‘The company is a familiar partner and we have been buying there for many years,’ says Kokkinen. ‘In this case, the integration of the ETS NORD system with Siemens’ building automation was a significant additional advantage. Regarding the fire dampers, the installability of the ETS Control dampers, the fact that they are available type-approved for several materials, was important when making the purchase decision,’ Kokkinen continues.

Pictures: Laura Lehtonen 

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