Vaasa Central Hospital

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A completely new, adaptable, and multi-purpose hospital building will be built in connection with Vaasa Central Hospital. The new H building will be carried out by the Bothnia High 5 project alliance, which is also the first project in Ostrobothnia to be implemented using the alliance model. The new building of the Central Hospital is scheduled to be commissioned in 2022.

In the alliance model, those involved in the project are responsible for planning and implementation together. The parties cooperate closely and share the risks and benefits of the project together, as well as adhere to the principles of transparency of information, for example, reporting all project costs transparently.

The ten-storey H-building of the Central Hospital combines the regional and private services of primary health care, special medical care, and social care. The ambitious goal is to bring services close to the customers through remote connections and digitalization, regardless of the place of residence. The building adapts to changes during its lifecycle in terms of functionality, purpose, and technical systems.

The Bothnia High 5 alliance implementing the new H building of Vaasa Central Hospital includes YIT, Ramboll Finland, Granlund Pohjanmaa, Raami Arkkitehdit, and Arkkitehdit Kontukoski together with the Vaasa Hospital District. The Are Group is involved in the project alliance as YIT’s subcontractor as a building services partner and is responsible for the HVAC project planning. ETS NORD will supply exhaust-air diffusers, snow shields, smoke control dampers, and smoke control ducts for the project.

Tapio Latvala, Unit Manager at Are Oy in Vaasa, has been responsible for subcontracting building services and is also an overseer at the hospital site. Latvala has a long history with ETS NORD, and a very clear opinion as to why this is the case. ‘I have made acquisitions from ETS NORD for several projects, and I can rely on the delivery times,’ says Latvala.

In the case of Vaasa Central Hospital, the punctuality of deliveries is further emphasized, as the construction site of the H building is located in the middle of the existing buildings at the hospital area. ‘We are able to indicate the exact dates of deliveries no earlier than three days before delivery, and the logistics must operate to an accuracy of 30 minutes,’ says Latvala. ‘At least based on previous experience, I do not have to worry about ETS NORD’s deliveries,’ he adds.

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