Ylämylly school

ETS NORD takes care of the ventilation of the new Ylämylly upper secondary school

Liperi’s new Ylämylly school building is part of a large comprehensive school, and part of its upper secondary school. The brand-new building will be commissioned at the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year. ETS NORD has been responsible for the ventilation equipment in Ylämylly, supplying the school with ventilation ducts, exhaust-air diffusers, fire dampers, regulating dampers, and silencers. Behind the large delivery is a long-term collaboration based on trust with Ilma-Karelia, which was responsible for subcontracting air handling equipment.

Petri Pitkänen, Project Manager at Ilma-Karelia, which provides HVAC services to public, commercial, and industrial construction projects, says that cooperation with ETS NORD has continued even longer than the company has existed. A generational change is underway at Ilma-Karelia, and good business relations have become a legacy.

Collaboration has always been smooth. The price-quality ratio of the products is good, and any complaints are handled in an exemplary manner by ETS NORD. Our installers are also satisfied with ETS NORD’s products. When the products are familiar in terms of functionality and installation technology, the work goes quite smoothly,’ says Pitkänen.

Pictures: Liperi municipality

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Pasi Leskinen

Sales, Eastern Finland