Helsinki-Vantaa Terminal 2

In the Helsinki-Vantaa Terminal 2 expansion project, deliveries must be punctual

The renovation and expansion project of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Terminal 2, the largest in the airport’s 70-year history, will be implemented in two phases. Overall, the expansion and modification works of the large-scale project will take four years, and the new facilities and services at Terminal 2 will be commissioned in 2024.

The ‘Wow’ architecture is represented by the massive wooden roof of the new entrance to the terminal (picture).

The expansion of Terminal 2 will be carried out using the alliance model, in which case the design and construction of the project will be carried out jointly, and the risks and benefits will also be shared among the alliance’s actors. SRV is the contractor for the construction work, and Consti Talotekniikka is responsible for HVAC contracting in the project. ETS NORD will supply ventilation ducts and duct sections, smoke control products, exhaust air diffusers and canopies, as well as terminals such as silencers, to Terminal 2 and its extension. ETS NORD products can be seen on the roof of the terminal as the aircraft lands. ETS NORD’s kitchen canopies were also delivered to Finnair’s non-Schengen lounge, the Ajisen Ramen restaurant and Jamie’s Deli.

Kimmo Valta, Consti’s building technology project manager, has not previously worked in cooperation with ETS NORD, but remembers the positive first impression he received in connection with the Tripla shopping center construction project. Valta says that even at that time he remembered ETS NORD’s very punctual deliveries, which kept to their schedule most efficiently.

Deliveries at Helsinki-Vantaa are also tightly scheduled. Even the international airport security arrangements pose challenges to suppliers, and in addition arrival times for loads are tightly scheduled to give or take thirty minutes. – Despite this, ETS NORD has once again had excellent success in deliveries, says Valta.

The availability of ETS NORD products has also been very good.

– In the availability of smoke control channels, I have previously experienced that the delivery time can be up to 2 weeks. I was pleasantly surprised when ETS NORD managed to even halve the usual delivery time, says Valta.

In addition to punctual deliveries and excellent availability, Kimmo Valta says that he appreciates the open discussion and the technical consultation he has received. Together with ETS NORD’s technical experts, things like the technical suitability of the silencers for the site has been reviewed.

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