Supply and Exhaust Units


Recair Modular supply and extract horizontal ventilation units have been manufactured in Finland for over 30 years with extensive experience. Recair ventilation units are customizable according to needs in various application areas such as commercial and office spaces, residential developments, healthcare facilities , swimming pools​, educational institutions and industrial spaces​.​
Modular horizontal Recair supply and extracty ventilation units:​
  • Airflow up to 0…13 m³/s (0…46 800 m³/h). ​
  • Standard construction with aluminum profile with galvanized sheet metal panels and 50mm wool insulation.​
  • Automation options available​
  • Special solution for specific needs​
  • aSAP solution - easy hauling option

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Recair ventilation units can be equipped with multiple control options:

No electric controls – The machine delivery does not include controllers, electrical panels, automation components (temperature sensors, differential pressure transmitters, etc.) or their cabling. There is no pre-installed electrical panel enclosure on the machine.

No controls + BAS installation surface – It is possible to select mounting surfaces for Building Automation Systems (BAS) installations on the machines. In practice, this means 100-150mm blind spots pre-selected at specific points for the installation of sensors and transmitters. Mounting surfaces significantly simplify and expedite BAS installations when performed on-site. At the same time, these mounting surfaces slightly extend the overall length of the machine. ​

Terminal block connections – The machine is equipped with a panel. All control circuits of the devices included in the machine delivery, which have been installed on the machine, are cabled to the panel’s terminal blocks. For example, fans, rotor controllers, etc. ​

Terminal block unit + BAS components – The equipment includes the terminal block panel setup. Additionally, BAS components are installed on the machine, which are cabled and connected to the machine panel’s terminal blocks. The equipment does not include programming. ​

Electrical cabinet – The machine is equipped with an electrical panel that contains the necessary power supply components for the machine’s electrical devices, such as circuit protectors and motor protection switches. Fans and other electrical devices included in the machine delivery and installed on the machine are cabled and connected to the machine’s electrical panel at the factory. The machine delivery does not include the air handling unit controller, automation components, or their cabling and connections. ​

Electrical cabinet unit + BAS components – The equipment includes the electrical panel machine setup. In addition, BAS components are installed on the machine, which are cabled and connected to the machine’s electrical panel’s terminal blocks. The equipment setup does not include programming. ​

Electr. And control panel (Ouflex) – The machine equipped with an electrical and control equipment panel includes automation components to be installed in the air handling unit, already cabled and connected, the electrical panel, and a pre-programmed controller. The machine’s automation functionality has been tested at the factory. Ouflex unit come as standard with Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP / IP.
Our units offer specialized solutions designed to cater to a diverse range of applications, including clean rooms, hospitals, and the food industry. ​

Construction:  ​
The machines feature a versatile construction with the inner and outer casings available in various materials. Options include sheet metal panels made from Magnelis or stainless steel, providing flexibility in meeting specific requirements. Additionally, all sections can be equipped with stainless-steel drainage, and the aluminum profile is customizable with powder coating. ​
Materials for external and internal casing structure:​
  • Magnelis​
  • Stainless Steel
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel
  • Epoxy painted​

Special components can be incorporated in the air handling unit construction, like ATEX fans and special heat exchangers and coils. They can be used for units operating in more challenging environments.​
We understand that each customer has unique needs, and our units can be tailored accordingly. Whether it’s specific materials, coatings, or component preferences, we offer a personalized approach to meet your requirements. For information on our special solution options, please reach out to our dedicated sales representative.
The aSAP solution is ETS NORD’s solution for Recair air handling units, ensuring that the need for a spacious air handling unit does not have to be compromised due to limited installation openings. The aSAP solution simplifies the transportation and installation of the air handling unit. The modular air handling unit solution allows the unit to be maneuvered through tight spaces, avoiding demanding and expensive structural alterations.​

The design principle of the aSAP solution is to divide each section of the air handling unit into modules. This enables extensive pre-assembly at the factory. Modules that cannot fit through the access opening are custom-designed as retrofit modules. This enables the transportation of large fan and sound attenuation components, as well as large rotor and plate heat exchanger components into the technical room.​​

On-site, the unit is assembled either by authorized HVAC installers or ETS NORD Recair installers.

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