Smoke exhaust fans


In ETS NORD's wide selection of fans, you will find fans for various applications. All our fans have been tested both in laboratory conditions and in practical applications to meet current and future energy consumption requirements. All fans are manufactured in accordance with international environmental requirements.

Smoke control fans can be selected with F200, F300, or F400 motor options. We have fans with a diameter of Ø 315 - 1600 for smoke extraction systems, as well as so-called normal axial fans as replacement supply air fans, jet fans, and tunnel fans for systems that need thrust. The smoke extraction fans are also available as a 100% reversible two-way blowing version.

Axial fans are intended for quick and efficient removal of flue-hot smoke gases from buildings and tunnels in fire situations. All our fans are CE-marked based on the requirements of the EN 12101-3 standard.

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