Product label: RVD d

RVD Combined intake/exhaust grille


RVD-type grilles are used anywhere intake and exhaust both need to penetrate the same wall surface.
RVD is the ideal solution for residential buildings where ventilation is local to each apartment.
  • Unique and stylish outdoor intake/exhaust grill available in all RAL colors
  • Compact and flat – fits easily on all exterior surfaces
  • Focused exhaust flow pattern provides 100% elimination of intake-exhaust cross contamination
  • Adjustable exhaust velocity – easy to maintain the required minimum >5 m/s airflow velocity for small air volumes
  • Air intake from the underside prevents entry of water or snow into the supply duct
  • Low pressure drop – reduces fan energy consumption
  • Galvanised steel housing with powder coating ensures long-term durability
  • Removable front panels allow inversion of the exhaust connection
Click on the link to watch the RVD installation video
Dimensions 125 – 315 mm
Standard color RAL 7000
Special colors RAL K7

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