KAPU roof fan for smoke extraction


A smoke extraction product installed on the roof combines a smoke extraction hatch and a smoke extraction fan into one CE-marked product. The unit is installation-friendly and only requires electrical connections and control. The insulation thickness of the hatch is 100 mm, and the hatch can also be ordered according to the RAL color chart.

The fans are approved to operate at 400 °C/2 h according to the EN 12101-3 standard. The fan can be installed as either free suction or directly connected to the duct. Fan sizes can be selected up to more than 30 m³/s and with a diameter of Ø 315 – 1400 mm.

ETS NORD also provides smoke extraction control units for various smoke control systems.

The KAPU roof fan provides the following benefits:

• fewer roof penetrations compared to natural smoke extraction, because of high exhaust volumes and multiple extraction points that can be connected to one fan.
• several fan options for different smoke exhaust air volumes (standard options are placed in a few smoke exhaust hatches).
• fewer work steps and the result is a more elegant roof without multiple diffusers.
• there are fewer maintenance items because there are no condensation problems.
• easy to install because the unit is lifted in one piece directly to the installation site.
• several color and height options are available.

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