FDMA-PM Fire Damper


  • ​​Round fire dampers ø900-1000
  • CE certified acc. to EN15650
  • Fire resistance up to EIS 120
  • External Casig leakage class C, Internal leakage class 2 acc. to EN 1751
  • Damper actuating mechanical, or electrical
  • Corrosion resistant according to EN 15650
  • Cycling test in class C 10 000 according to EN 15650
  • Maximum air speed through opened damper of 12 m/s and pressure difference 1200 Pa
  • Option for explosion hazard environments available

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Oskari Mattila

Product Group Manager, NORDsmoke, NORDfire & NORDroof

Raino Viira

Product Group Manager, NORDdamper, NORDfire, NORDroof & NORDexternal