E-series Heat Recovery Unit


The Recair E-series energy recovery roof top unit is an ideal product for energy saving purposes in all kinds of buildings. It is suitable for both new buildings, where the rooftop extract unit is used together with a supply unit, or renovation projects where the existing exhaust fans are replaced with energy recovery units. The recovered energy can be transferred to a supply air handling unit or a heat pump. The E-series units have flexible duct connections, mounting options and high efficiency energy recovery coil options.

Recair E-series heat recovery unit:​
  • Wide air flow range from 0,3 – 4 m³/s with 3 unit sizes​
  • Easily replaceable bag filters
  • High efficiency energy recovery coils
  • Duct connection from the unit end or from the bottom – Can be selected on site
  • Adjustable legs
  • New innovative UVS exhaust diffuser with low pressure drop and sound level
  • Exhaust air flow direction upwards
  • Fits together with MKL roof transition
  • Automation options with control panel or terminal block
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Recair E-series ventilation units can be equipped with multiple control options: ​
Terminal block connections – The machine is equipped with a panel that contains the necessary power supply components for the machine’s electrical devices, such as circuit protectors and motor protection switches. All control circuits of the devices included in the machine delivery, which have been installed on the machine, are cabled to the panel’s terminal blocks. For example, fans, rotor controllers, etc. ​
Electr. and control panel (Ouflex) – The machine equipped with an electrical and control equipment panel includes automation components installed in the air handling unit, already cabled and connected, the electrical panel, and a pre-programmed controller. The machine’s automation functionality has been tested at the factory. Ouflex unit come as standard with Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP/IP.

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