Car park jet fans


The car park jet fan system is an energy-efficient solution for ventilation and smoke control in parking spaces. Jet fans can be used to control the ventilation of the parking space as needed by starting the fans at a certain level when concentrations rise. With the jet fans, the air can be distributed evenly in the space, and no ducts are needed. Energy is saved when the fans only run as needed.

In the event of a fire, jet fans can be used to control the spread of smoke in the car park space by turning on the fans of a predefined smoke compartment, so that smoke cannot spread from one compartment to another.

A wide selection of jet fans is available for ventilation and smoke extraction in uni- and reversible versions. Our lowest model is only 320mm high, so they are also suitable for low spaces. If necessary, you can also get the entire system with control centers, sensors and CFD simulations from us, as well as help with system design.

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