Axial fans


In ETS NORD's wide range of fans, you will find fans for various applications. All our fans have been tested both in laboratory conditions and in practical applications to meet current and future energy consumption requirements. All fans are manufactured in accordance with international environmental requirements.

Axial fans are intended for a wide range of applications. For example, in commercial and residential apartment building ventilation systems, industrial ventilation, air handling equipment, process ventilation, agriculture, data center cooling, parking areas, tunnels, etc.

ZerAx® fans are the latest addition to ETS NORD's axial fan series. The fan concept is still based on the NovAx fans in production, but this series sets new standards with unmatched efficiency and return on investment. The design reflects efficiency in every detail and successfully borrows details from the aviation industry. Classic NovAx fans have been in production since the 80s and the performance is still the best in the industry. Both ZerAx® and NovAx fans are available in versions; for installation between ducts, free suction inlets, integrated in ventilation units (AHU), difficult conditions, hot flue gases, and demanding marine use.

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