Air curtains


We know that new-generation air curtains are the ideal solution for maintaining a pleasant indoor climate in business premises, industrial premises, and public premises where closed doors are not wanted or where there is a constant flow of people through the doors.

The air curtains create an invisible stream of air in the open doorway, which effectively isolates the indoor air from the outside air. This saves up to 80% of heating or cooling costs and improves the comfort of customers and staff.

To achieve the above-mentioned advantages, it is very important to choose an air curtain fan that is just right for the purpose of use. Variable factors such as interior height, strong winds, location of doors, stairs between floors, opposite doors, door width and installation height should be considered when choosing an air curtain.

Nowadays, it is also very important to choose the right type of control according to the application. Clever control automatically adapts the functions of the air curtain fan to match the entrance conditions. All the air curtains can be controlled via VAK and ModBus if needed.

With the air curtain selection program, you can select the air curtain yourself and choose the suitable product for the location.

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