GTK Mintec

ETS NORD’s comprehensive range of ventilation units and systems takes care of the ventilation in GTK Mintec’s new premises

The construction of the Geological Survey of Finland’s (GTK) test factory and laboratory, as well as GTK Mintec’s new office and laboratory facilities, began in the autumn of 2022. In the field of ventilation contracting, an interesting but also challenging project was anticipated. Implementing high-quality ventilation required specialized solutions such as advanced systems and exhaust equipment, which, combined with the varying use of the premises, significantly increased the complexity of the project beyond the usual.

“In sensitive environments like laboratory facilities, it is especially important to maintain conditions and air volumes at an optimal level in all situations,” says Joni Kultanen, from Karelian Talotekniikka Oy, responsible for ventilation contracting. “Designing and installing ductwork and systems capable of this requires significantly more time and resources than usual, and this had to be taken into account already during the tender phase.”

The more demanding the project, the more essential it is for the contractor to be able to rely on the equipment they have ordered in terms of quality, reliability, and delivery reliability. Joni Kultanen had good experiences with both Recair’s air handling units and ETS NORD. As a result, it was natural to embark on cooperation also at the Outokumpu site of GTK Mintec.

The cooperation began already during the estimation phase, when ETS NORD and Karelian Talotekniikka together pondered how to implement an appropriate overall ventilation solution. Once the project commenced, ETS NORD delivered the necessary equipment and systems to the site: air handling units, fire dampers, silencers, ducts and bends, snow shields, canopies, and regulating dampers.

“With familiar equipment, there’s no need to wonder whether they will perform as desired,” emphasizes Joni Kultanen.

In demanding projects, situations tend to evolve. Vigilance and responsiveness are required from all parties involved to ensure that agreed-upon schedules are maintained without compromising the quality of the end result in the slightest. Joni Kultanen praises the straightforward communication style of Pasi Leskinen and Janne Jelekäinen from ETS NORD, where contact is actively initiated, and information flows swiftly. Everyone can react to changes promptly, and work progresses smoothly, at its best without delays.

The one-stop-shop principle helps the contractor focus on the essentials

The contractor’s work becomes significantly smoother when orders don’t have to be placed from multiple places. ETS NORD’s extensive range of equipment with all necessary components and systems also helps Joni Kultanen focus on the most important aspects of his work. The project progresses without unnecessary delays when you can rely on the fact that the goods arrive at the construction site in good condition and on time.

“ETS NORD has also proven to be a reliable partner when it comes to schedules.”

And good cooperation doesn’t end when the last equipment delivery is unpacked. Plans may change, installation instructions may be open to interpretation, and sometimes fitting the device into the allocated space proves to be more problematic than expected.

In such cases, good dialogue, and open discussion on how to resolve the matter in the best possible way become invaluable. Janne Jelekäinen and Pasi Leskinen engaged in a tight and constructive dialogue with both the site’s designers and Karelian Talotekniikka, even in the final stages of the GTK Mintec project, responding promptly to any changes during installation and ensuring, for example, that the documentation for CE markings and pressure tests of the equipment was completed all the way to the finish line.

A comprehensive range of high-quality equipment, smooth cooperation between the contractor and the designers, and extensive technical support throughout contributed to the successful installation project of GTK Mintec’s ventilation system. The project was handed over in early 2024, according to schedule.

Joni Kultanen was satisfied with ETS NORD’s products and approach.

“It really makes my work easier when I can get as much stuff as possible from one place and collaboration operates with a low threshold.”

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