Scandinavian Shopping Centre


A long-awaited large shopping center, Scandinavian Shopping Center, is nearing completion in Virolahti in autumn 2020 and is expected to bring a lot of new business to the area. The tight schedule of Scandinavian Shopping Centre’s HVAC contractor is facilitated by ETS NORD’s combination products that are quick to install. ETS NORD supplied the shopping center with ventilation ducts, fire dampers and smoke control ducts, as well as exhaust diffusers.

Sami Naakka, CEO of Haveputki Oy whick is operating as a HVAC subcontractor, says that the combination product in particular, in which the exhaust diffusers already have a roof grommet, has received a lot of good feedback from the installers. – We have received feedback stating that this product is smart and saves time, Mr Naakka says. – It is also easy to install, the product is waterproof and the material is corrosion-proof, he continues.

Miko Makkonen, ETS NORD’s Product Group Manager, says that the roof grommet has been pre-installed at the factory under the diffuser, and the watertightness of the installation has been ensured. In the future, the same structure and corrosion-resistant Magnelis material will be present in all ETS NORD blow-out diffusers.

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