Hygiene and food safety of the NORDcanopy product group verified through HACCP International certification


ETS NORD’s NORDcanopy product group has been awarded HACCP International certification, confirming the food safety and hygiene standard of NORDcanopy professional kitchen canopies. The certificate is issued by HACCP International to manufacturers whose products are used in the food industry.

– The product development process for the NORDcanopy product group has been consistent. The transition to a welded canopy structure has brought significant benefits to end-user customers, and for us the HACCP International certificate is an important indicator of this, says Marcus Hintze, Product Group Manager.

The easy-to-clean canopy makes the work of kitchen staff much easier and ensures hygienic cooking. The welded construction allows for a safe and hygienic environment, but in the fast-paced restaurant world it also provides adaptability for the restaurant owner. The laser-welded modular structure of the canopy is flexible when faced with big changes. The canopy can be disassembled and reassembled, and its size and efficiency can be easily modified as requirements evolve.

Fresh ventilation and good kitchen hygiene are guaranteed with HACCP International certified NORDcanopy canopies!

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Marcus Hintze

Export sales manager, NORDcanopy

Ann-Riin Ridbeck

Design Service Manager