ETS NORD: A treasure chest of choices and opportunities


ETS NORD has been manufacturing ventilation systems and supplies for 23 years. It has become the market leader in its field in Estonia and one of the biggest producers of ventilation products and equipment in the Nordic countries, with plans to conquer further European markets and the Middle East. The company has subsidiaries in Finland and Sweden, and its headquarters are located in Tallinn. Early 2020 saw the completion of its third factory, bringing with it an array of modern machinery and new jobs.

 “Despite its age, ETS NORD is a rapidly developing company that can be compared to a start-up in that we look for new ways of doing things every single day,” says the company’s head of personnel Maia Randver-Anupõld. “We have a really supportive team who value balanced working culture.”

ETS NORD offers work and work placements across a range of positions. In 2021 the company was joined by young people studying in a variety of fields. So why do its employees feel so drawn to it?

“It’s the amazing team and atmosphere that keep me coming back,” says technology specialist and designer Taavi Takkis. “There are no managers here, but leaders. There’s a real emphasis on making sure everyone is happy. The company’s constantly developing and expanding, thanks to which we’re always being presented with new opportunities and challenges. You get to grow with the company.”

Graphic designer Kärri Jürisson says there is no chance of getting stuck in a rut at ETS NORD, because no two days are the same. She enjoys the challenges her work throws up. “We work with all sorts of departments in Estonia and abroad,” she explains. “We always have experts in our field to consult if we need advice or to talk to about a project. People listen to your ideas, and you get the chance to make something of them.”

In ETS NORD, balance between work, studies and family life is positively encouraged. Most office-based employees can work from home if they want or need to, while those undertaking university studies can work part-time or to flexible schedules.

Team events designed to boost the sense of belonging among staff form part of the company’s working culture. We enjoy spending time together, whether competitively (from sports to cook-offs) or simply recreationally – sharing meals and going on days out. Fun summer retreats for workers and their families have become an ETS NORD tradition.

A well-oiled team

Synergy between team members is what leads to innovative results. Good ideas are taken on board and implemented as much as possible.

The heads of many of our departments and the specialists working in them have completed ‘Fostering Development through Management’ training courses, leaving them better placed to guide, motivate and get the best out of their teams. “As a leader, my aim is for everyone to trust me and for me to treat everyone equally and be there for them whenever they need me,” says Timo Olesk, the head of the company’s development group. “I have their backs and support them in difficult situations.”

Going paperless

Digitalising and improving our work processes is written into our company’s DNA. The Personnel Department now operates entirely paper-free and has been helping everyone else in the company do likewise. No one in ETS NORD needs to physically sign documents anymore, since they can do so quickly and easily online. We have also established a self-service system for all of our staff, significantly reducing the need for data entry and increasing the speed at which information gets around.

An inspiring and exciting atmosphere

The ETS NORD HQ on Peterburi Road is an office with all the mod cons that prioritises the interests of its workers. The production facilities on the same site are equipped with the latest technology.

We have installed a professional kitchen in the factory to test the ventilation systems we make and host clients from Estonia and abroad. Since March, preparations have been underway in the kitchen for the 2023 Culinary Olympics.

The workers at ETS NORD are regularly faced with in-house challenges that push them to build on what they know and give them the chance to pass on their skills and experience. “People are constantly being given a leg up on the career ladder,” says the head of personnel. “That’s a reflection of the company’s development.”

Everyone who joins ETS NORD soon discovers that it is a treasure chest of choices and opportunities – and everyone chooses for themselves where and how they contribute to the company’s development.

ETS NORD: Let`s move the air together!