The cleaning technology used in NORDcanopy canopies will be the customer's choice


ETS NORD’s strong commitment to developing ventilation solutions for professional kitchens gives customers the freedom to choose between different technologies. One of our biggest canopy technology innovations of the year is to enable the choice of canopy cleaning technology. For all NORDcanopy grease canopies, the customer can choose the type of cleaning method they want, either by electric discharge technique or UV-light based ozonation cleaning.

In practice, the cleaning technology is very similar, whether it is based on electric discharge or UV light,” says Marcus Hintze, Product Group Manager. – Both cleaning methods work perfectly in our NORDcanopy canopies. The solution is sustainable and the customer’s freedom of choice is unique. I don’t know of any other manufacturer in Europe that can provide the same possibility to choose.

NORDcanopy canopies are controlled by an easy plug-and-play system with a control mode suitable for either of the two cleaning techniques.

NORDcanopy canopies meet the requirements of the standards EN 16282-2, -6 and -8 related to the operation of professional kitchen canopies, in addition to which their food safety has been certified with the HACCP International certificate. HACCP certification can be awarded to equipment manufacturers whose products are used in the food manufacturing process and meet the criteria for best food safety practices

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Marcus Hintze

Export sales manager, NORDcanopy