Fusion Kamppi

The customization of ETS NORD’s professional kitchen canopies is in a league of its own

Fusion Kamppi is a restaurant representing international fusion cuisine and a green oasis on the first floor of the Kamppi shopping center. The restaurant’s cozy outdoor terrace serves dishes on top of lava stones, among other things. A specialty of the interior includes a Japanese-style teppanyaki grill, where the chef grills the selected dish directly at the à la carte customers’ table.

ETS NORD’s canopies have been delivered to Fusion Kamppi in two batches: first to the restaurant’s interior and later to the terrace, adjacent to the outdoor grill. Restaurant entrepreneur Mai Nguyen was introduced to ETS NORD’s professional kitchen canopies about a year ago at the Gastromax fair and she has been satisfied with the experience. When the restaurant space was expanded and a small, yet efficient grease canopy was sought for the outdoor grill station, the choice of the canopy supplier was clear.

The challenges of a professional kitchen influence the choice of canopy

The outdoor grill of Fusion Kamppi’s terrace is located in a small space, and that posed challenges for its canopy sizing. ETS NORD’s product group manager, Saku Ruusunen, suggested the HG Fast Food Backshelf canopy for the outdoor grill station. The HG is a smaller-than-usual grease canopy, always dimensioned according to the kitchen equipment at the cooking point. Its efficient grease removal is based on placing grease filters close to the cooking area. The required air volumes for the HG canopy are also significantly smaller than those for a typical ceiling-mounted canopy, which makes it a more energy-efficient option as well.

For professional kitchens that demand stylish canopies

The versatile customization possibilities of ETS NORD’s canopies are also evident in their placement. The island-style HR grease canopy positioned above Fusion Kamppi’s teppanyaki grill is a masterpiece of disguise. The canopy has been meticulously tailored to match the grill placed on the table, considering maintenance, cleaning, and decoration, so one wouldn’t understand or notice it’s a canopy unless specifically looking for it.

Mai Nguyen is very satisfied with the efficiency of ETS NORD’s canopies. They perform their grease removal tasks excellently, maintaining a pleasant indoor air quality in the restaurant space. The kitchen staff has also provided feedback on how easy it is to clean the canopies, and with ETS NORD’s Helping Hand filter tool, reaching the grease canopy filters is ergonomic.

Picture: Feyrezur Akpinar

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