Ventilation and smoke control in car parks


A jet fan system is an energy-efficient solution for ventilation and smoke control in car parks. By using jet fans, ventilation in the car park can be controlled as needed by starting the fans in a specific area when concentrations increase. Jet fans ensure even distribution of air in the space, without the need for ductwork. Energy is saved because the fans only run when needed.

The primary advantage of a jet fan ventilation system is that the same fans can be used for both ventilation and smoke control, without the need for heavy ductwork. This also creates a more open space with usually more free height compared to a ducted system. Our smallest directional pressure fan model is only 320mm in height.  Especially in larger spaces, the jet fan solution usually offers more benefits compared to a ducted system.

In the event of a fire, jet fans can be used to control the spread of smoke in the car parking area by starting the fans in a pre-determined smoke zone, preventing smoke from spreading to other zones. This makes it safe to exit the area and for the fire department to operate.

The NORDfan product group includes a wide selection of jet fans for both ventilation and smoke extraction in uni- and reversible directions. We also offer complete system solutions with control centers, sensors, and CFD simulations, as well as assistance with system design as needed.

The benefits of a jet fan ventilation system compared to a ducted system:

  • Space-saving and more open space: no heavy and complicated ductworks.
  • Quick and affordable installation: jet fans are faster to install compared to smoke control ducts.
  • Optimized and energy-efficient ventilation: the fans run as needed where they are needed, and local concentrations are effectively diluted.
  • No dead zones where the air is stagnant: the fans are optimally placed so that the air circulates throughout the entire hall.
  • Effective smoke control: the smoke is contained in designated zones and efficiently removed from there.

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