HVAC designers are catered for once again – new design software ROOFiQ aids selection of air intake and exhaust diffusers


The ETS NORD family of design software has been enhanced. The range of design tools for simplifying and speeding up ventilation design work has been expanded. The KITCHENiQ design program for ventilation in professional kitchens, the AHUiQ design program for air handling units and SILENCERiQ aimed at reducing ventilation noise levels have been joined by ROOFiQ, an intelligent planning tool to simplify the selection of rooftop outdoor ventilation units.

When choosing an outdoor unit, the requirements of appearance and energy efficiency need to be reconciled. Our extensive range of outdoor units is sure to have a product to suit the exterior appearance of a building, but challenges may crop up when it comes to dimensioning a unit to meet the requirements and regulations for the building’s ventilation. The key is to stay within optimum pressure drop values so that air handling remains energy-efficient and noise-free. Energy efficiency is always a compromise between a product’s low-pressure drop and its physical dimensions. Depending on whether an outdoor unit is used to remove waste air or to take in fresh air, the exhaust or intake air velocity must fall within certain limits. Our range also includes a combination hood, where the optimum air discharge length and intake speed are dimensioned simultaneously. It takes more than enough brainpower to dimension these manually!

There is an easier way. The ROOFiQ program selects the most suitable outdoor unit options for the given criteria and suggests the most suitable accessories for the product, such as roof transitions.

ROOFiQ’s features:

  • Selects the most suitable product options for ventilation in the building
  • Guides the user through the selection process
  • Quick and easy dimensioning of equipment
  • The program provides clear printouts with comprehensive technical information
  • Also lists the accessories required for the selected product

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Product Group Manager,