ETS NORD's food-safety certificate for canopies


The food safety of ETS NORD’s canopies has been verified with a HACCP International certificate. The certificate may be issued to manufacturers whose certified non-food products are used in the food industry. Products must meet the criteria for best practices in food safety and the certification requirements as defined by HACCP International.

– Although HACCP is certainly more familiar to those involved in the food production and manufacturing process, it is very important proof to us that the strengths of our canopies are exactly what we have invested in with the design. The structure of our laser-welded canopies is completely smooth in terms of active surfaces, so our canopies are easy to clean and keep hygienic. They thus support very demanding hygiene goals in professional kitchens, says Marcus Hintze, NORDcanopy Product Group Manager.

HACCP refers to a system of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points for proactively identifying, evaluating, and managing hazards relevant to food safety. The HACCP system mainly ensures the safety of the food production and manufacturing process. The certificate is issued by HACCP International.

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Marcus Hintze

Export sales manager, NORDcanopy

Ann-Riin Ridbeck

Design Service Manager