ETS NORD's iQ selection tools to help the designer



ETS NORD selection tools, AHUiQ for dimensioning air handling units, KITCHENiQ for the dimensioning of professional kitchen canopies, and SILENCERiQ for selecting silencers and calculating ventilation sound levels, all effectively support the design work.

The softwares have been developed with the needs of the HVAC designer in mind to be as intuitively adopted and easy to use as possible. Software development work continues, and with user feedback, the desired improvements will be added with new updates.

Discover our smart iQ selection tools:

AHUiQ selection tool for air handling units

KITCHENiQ selection tool for professional kitchen canopies

SILENCERiQ selection tool for silencers

For more information on AHUiQ

Aleksi Kähärä

Development Manager, Recair air handling units

For more information on KITCHENiQ

Markus Tolonen

NORDcanopy, Technical Specialist & Design

For more information on SILENCERiQ

Kadi Alber

Head of Product Management, NORDduct, NORDsilencer, NORDexternal, NORDdoor, NORDdiffuser, NORDdamper & NORDgrille