ETS NORD's aSAP solution is a smart and new way to think about canopies


aSAP is a new and revolutionary canopy solution from ETS NORD. aSAP shifts the initial assembly of a professional kitchen canopy to the job site, and accordingly, sometimes its dismantling and transfer to a new location if a restaurant moves. The aSAP solution is material-efficient and reduces the carbon footprint. Since the canopy is reusable it is an affordable, highly competitive, and long-lasting option that adapts to the long-term needs of the kitchen operator.

With the aSAP solution, the canopy assembly structure is unique. It is delivered as an assembly kit, which makes it easier to transport to locations with limited access. A canopy implemented with the aSAP solution is manufactured, then pre-assembled at the factory before it is broken down and palletized for delivery. This assures the final product package is complete and its component interconnections are exact.


The assembly and installation of the canopy are simple. As modules are assembled, the main framework of the canopy can be raised into position, leaving out the center panel. This allows the installer to position him- or herself in its center cavity, providing easy access to all duct connections as well as performing final height adjustments from above. Once in place, the top panel is fastened down, and the installation is complete.


With the aSAP solution, the canopies can be disassembled in the reverse order of installation. Components can then either be washed and stored or delivered to a new kitchen for reuse. If ventilation specifications change, or if it is desired to change the design of the canopy, the new specifications can be met by simply procuring the necessary parts or air modules and assembling again.

All ETS NORD grease canopies are optionally available with the aSAP solution.

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