ETS NORD increases its selection in Sweden through an acquisition


ETS NORD has announced today the acquisition of the entire business of JC Plåt & Isolering AB, a manufacturer of rectangular duct systems. All nine employees of the company will be transferred to ETS NORD. The company’s brand name, JC Plåt & Isolering, will also remain in the ETS NORD product range.

The acquisition announced today is an implementation of ETS NORD’s strategy to be one of the leading manufacturers of total ventilation solutions and equipment in the Nordic countries, as well as a strong competitor in the industry.

“The demand in Sweden for rectangular duct systems and related products is significant. With this acquisition, we want to increase our range of ventilation solutions so that we are also able to offer our customers in Sweden everything needed for good ventilation under one roof,” says Markku Mattila, Head of International Sales and Marketing at ETS NORD.

“We are very pleased to have JC Plåt & Isolering’s expertise in rectangular duct systems as part of the ETS NORD range,” says Henrik Ahlen. “The acquisition significantly strengthens our position in the Swedish market.”

The ETS NORD concern has grown organically during its journey of more than twenty years but has also complemented its expertise through acquisitions. During 2020, acquisitions were made in Finland, which strengthened our expertise in smoke control (Suomen Ilmastointitukku Oy) and our range of installation and fastening accessories (Test-Air Oy). In 2018, ETS NORD acquired KH Vent A/S, a Danish manufacturer of ventilation systems, and Recair Oy, a Finnish manufacturer of air handling units.


ETS NORD is a Group that manufactures, sells and markets ventilation products and equipment, with offices in Finland, Estonia, Denmark and Sweden. ETS NORD was founded in 1998 and employs a total of 370 people. ETS NORD is committed to sustainable and responsible operations throughout its business chain. The total turnover of the ETS NORD Group in 2020 was approximately EUR 50 million (SEK 509 000 000).

JC Plåt & Isolering AB is a family-owned company in Malmö specialized in manufacturing rectangular duct ventilation systems. The company employs 9 people and had a turnover of approximately EUR 1.2 million (SEK 12,000,000) in 2020.

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