Science Center Heureka

Science Center Heureka is the largest and most popular science center in Finland and the destination for countless excursions in springtime.

Heureka was completed in 1989, and the technical space measurements of the building date back to the technology of the time. Energy efficiency requirements have become significantly stricter, and it has been challenging to implement the necessary ventilation in the available technical space to meet current requirements. The two-floor extension work included for example exhibition, laboratory and office spaces.

The science center was operative during the whole extension project.

The engine room for ventilation is located on the roof, as the third floor of the extension, where they placed Recair’s air handling units with fan walls. Instead of one supply air fan, the fan wall has a complete wall of fans which electrical power is produced by EC DC motors. The fan solution implemented in this way enables a wider range of air use, and at the same time, meets current energy efficiency requirements. The wall of several supply air fans is also reliable, as temporary malfunctions in one fan can be compensated by parallel fans.

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Sales, Southern Finland