Optima vocational school’s kitchen and restaurant facilities renewed

The vocational school Optima in Jakobstad offers vocational upper secondary qualifications and further vocational and specialist vocational qualifications, as well as courses for adults, and it also serves as the only Swedish-speaking special education institution with special vocational education, and preparatory and rehabilitative training.

There is a diverse range of professions that can be studied at Optima: from artisan to animal attendant, housebuilder to fashion assistant. Further vocational qualifications in the restaurant services include qualifications for chefs and baker/pastry chefs.

ETS NORD was involved in the complete overhaul project of the kitchen and restaurant facilities at Optima vocational school, which renewed the ventilation in the school’s professional kitchen, restaurant and bakery. The spaces requiring purification were large, with a total of six grease canopies. Ozonators were also installed in all the grease canopies to ensure efficient grease removal. The monitoring of the state of the ozonators is handled smoothly through the Modbus bus solution, making it very easy to follow the running state and history of each ozonator. In addition, a separate dishwashing area was set up at the site, where several ETS NORD steam canopy lines were installed.

The original renovation plan was made using products from another supplier, but it soon became apparent that ETS NORD’s canopy air chamber structure allowed the number of supply and exhaust air ducts to be halved. This meant big savings in materials and the ETS NORD solution also provided more space in the ceiling.

Joakim Löfs of Bravida Oy, who was responsible for the ventilation contract, gives special praise to ETS NORD about the aftercare of the project. “ETS NORD is always assuming responsibility for the project from start to finish, and the contact person calls and ensures that the commissioning has been successful, and the ventilation is working as promised. In my experience, this is very exceptional,” Löfs says with satisfaction.

Tom Grön, Property Maintenance Manager at Optima vocational school, strongly agrees. “I can be sure that an ETS NORD representative will call every time the project is over and make sure everything works,” he says.

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