aSAP Solution


The aSAP solution is ETS NORD's solution for Recair air handling units, which ensures that the air handling configuration required for good ventilation does not have to be compromised due to space constraints. The aSAP solution makes transport and installation of the air handling unit easy. The dismountable air handling unit solution enables the machine to be transported in tight spaces, avoiding demanding and expensive opening of structures.

The design of the aSAP solution is based on dividing each functional part of the air handling unit into its own machine section, allowing the machine to be prefabricated in the factory as far as possible. Sections that do not fit through the existing opening are designed as aSAP renovation sections on a project-by-project basis. This allows large fan and silencer casings, as well as large rotor and plate heat exchanger casings to be lifted into the engine room.

On site, the machine is assembled either by authorised ventilation technicians or by ETS NORD Recair technicians. With just a screwdriver, the assembly process is quick and easy.

aSAP Renovation Air Handling Unit pdf

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Jarkko Salo

Product Group Manager, Recair Modular Units

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Product Group Manager, Recair Compact R300