What do our employees think about ETS NORD as an employer? What does everyday life at the workplace consist of? How does our team work?


‘’ETS NORD is the beginning of a journey full of possibilities.” (Marcus, Product Group Manager, 6 years in the company)

‘’There is no chance of getting stuck in a rut at ETS NORD, because no two days are the same.’’ (Kärri, Graphic Designer, 3 years in the company)

‘’I’ve learned a lot about the industry and got to see the growth story of ETS NORD. It’s been great to be a part of it.” (Samuel, Salesperson, 5 years in the company)

‘’After the company acquisition in 2018, there has been a genuine feeling that under the name of ETS NORD, we want to move things forward, we want to develop and invest in this business.” (Ville, work planner, 20 years in the company)

‘’At work I am motivated by a strong interest in the ventilation industry and new challenges in ETS NORD’s ever-changing product range.” (Jens, Salesperson, 11 years in the company)

’’Flexibility is important. We don’t have to go through a lengthy corporate chain of command to reach a decision. ETS NORD is a hands-on company where owners are a part of the firm’s everyday operations.” (Jari, Country Manager, 11 years in the company)

‘’The team is friendly, and very respectful. I love working with them. I can always ask colleagues for help if I need it.’’ (Irina, Team Leader in Production, 10 years in the company)

‘’The company’s constantly developing and expanding, thanks to which we’re always being presented with new opportunities and challenges. You get to grow with the company.” (Taavi, Technologist Designer, 2 years in the company)

‘’I like that ETS NORD enables me to combine work and active professional sports. The schedule agreed together makes it possible for me to participate in morning workouts few times a week.” (Niko, Customer Service, 5 years in the company)

‘’As a leader my aim is for everyone to trust. I treat everyone equally and I’m there for them whenever they need me. I have their backs and support them in difficult situations.” (Timo, Head of Product Development, 6 years in the company)

‘’For a few years in Sweden, the main focus was only on promoting the ETS NORD product category and we worked a lot on the same things. Now I feel that with the recent acquisitions, we are heading towards wonderful new challenges!” (Hans, Logistics, 6 years in the company)

‘’When you work at ETS NORD the days are always different, almost every day there are new challenges to solve.” (Antti, Production Manager, 6 years in the company)

‘’Our team has grown very rapidly. We’re all different personalities, from different departments and different countries. What unites us, however, is doing the job with good humor and supporting each other. It’s a pleasure to be part of such a wonderful team.” (Anni, Marketing, 3 years in the company)

’’Working at ETS NORD challenges you in a positive way.’’ (Henrik, Country Manager, 6 years in the company)

‘’We are moving forward step by step, investing in the latest technology, our team and product development. Our goal is to produce top-class ventilation systems in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.’’ (Urmas, Partner, 24 years in the company)

‘’This is a really motivating work environment. We are offered various employment benefits and joint events that increase the employees’ sense of you all being part of the same team.” (Kätlin, occupational safety assistant, 1 year at the company)

‘’To new ETS employees, I would like to say that do not be afraid of this job. We have a good team; everyone helps and supports each other. Together we can do this.’’ (Erki, Supervisor of Transportation Coordination, 10 years in the company)

‘’I really like the people I work with. In our team everyone supports each other. I feel like what I do is valued, and I’m never afraid to ask questions.’’ (Hendrik, Software Engineer, 1 year in the company)

‘’I definitely recommend ETS NORD as an employer. Here you become a part of a great team, where everyone’s opinions are listened to. It’s a pleasure to come to the office every morning.’’ (Marelle, Accountant, 1 year in the company)

‘’At ETS NORD management is always on hand, ready to listen to you and make quick decisions.’’ (Jaago, Chief Technologist, 5 years in the company)

‘’ETS NORD has been a great employer to me. I’m sure that it would be the same for anyone else interested in joining the company. I’m still excited to work here and see the company grow.’’ (Eve, Purchasing Manager, 20 years in the company)

“ETS NORD team feels like family who challenges you every day and at the same time takes care of you. I am glad to be part of this dream team, where everyone is dedicated and ready to learn new ways. ETS NORD´s strength is our people.” (Maia, Human Resources Manager, 4 years in the company)

‘’I hope that everyone who works for us enjoys what they do and the results of their work. I hope that everyone who sometimes have a hard time speaks about it bravely, because together we will find a solution.” (Markku, Partner, 11 years in the company)