We are donating Christmas dinner and faith in the future


Poverty experienced in childhood affects people in many ways into adulthood and beyond: it takes away belief in a positive future and in your own possibilities. We cannot afford to have an increasing number of children and young people marginalized or experiencing exclusion and becoming invisible. In Finland, around 121,000 young people under 18 are currently living in low-income families.

A responsible company should participate in and take responsibility for the future of children and young people. We are doing this by participating in the Good Holiday Spirit campaign with a target for this year of a staggering EUR 2.5 million. That money buys a food gift card for 36,000 families.

Children must be able to believe in themselves and it is up to us adults to make this possible.

We challenge you to join us in the campaign – participate in the campaign here.

The Good Holiday Spirit fundraising campaign will be held this year for the 25th time. The campaign started in November and will continue until Christmas Eve. The campaign is organized by the Mannerheim Association for Child Welfare, the Finnish Red Cross and Yle.