The new production facility in Tallinn will significantly increase ETS NORD's production capacity


In late May, the foundation stone of ETS NORD’s new production facility was laid in Tallinn. The estimated cost of the upcoming 9000 m2 construction project, scheduled for completion in 2024, is around 15 million euros.

The goal of the building design process was to efficiently reuse materials from the demolished buildings. Several buildings from the Soviet era were demolished to make way for the new construction, and two large gable triangle halls from those buildings were repurposed. Overall, during the demolition process, a total of 8000 m3 of building materials were successfully salvaged.

The new construction in Tallinn is a significant investment for ETS NORD, which will multiply the company’s production capacity. With the new facility, the production and storage spaces in Tallinn alone will increase by one-third. The factory investment will increase the combined production and storage facilities of ETS NORD in Estonia, Finland, and Sweden by 20 percent.

The total production of ETS NORD is expected to increase by an estimated value of 15 million euros through this investment, and it will also have a significant impact on ETS NORD’s export potential. The overall goal of the company is to increase its revenue from the current 70 million euros (2022) to 120 million euros by 2027.