The importance of environmental declarations is growing - ETS NORD is at the forefront of this development


ETS NORD has reached an important milestone in environmental declarations – nearly 75% of the company’s product volume is already covered by these reports describing the environmental impacts throughout the product’s life cycle.

The environmental declaration for round ducts was implemented in the autumn of 2023. Since then, declarations have also been acquired for professional kitchen canopies, the ozone unit, silencers, rectangular ducts, and round bends.

An environmental product declaration (EPD) is a third-party verified standardized document. In the construction industry, environmental declarations for various products help assess the overall environmental impacts of a building and identify key sources of environmental effects. Designers, in turn, can calculate the project’s carbon footprint and choose the most environmentally friendly options.

The more emphasis construction places on environmental friendliness, sustainable development, and energy efficiency, the more important the role of environmental declarations becomes.

In the near future, all new buildings will require life cycle assessment (LCA) calculations. However, LCAs can only be calculated if EPDs for the products used in the building are available. Therefore, the presence of EPDs has become important to maintain competitiveness in the construction materials market and contribute to a sustainable future.

Download the environmental declarations for ETS NORD products from these links:

Foto: Karl Ander Adami