The coating materials for the ETS NORD silencers have excellent durability


The mechanical durability of the inner surfaces of the ETS NORD silencers was tested for both the Airfelt polyester-coated and Isover glass-wool-coated silencer. The aim was to find out how well the materials withstand brush cleaning, how the surface wears during cleaning, and whether fibers come off the material.

For the test, materials were brushed with a rotating nylon wire brush for cleaning ventilation pipes. Test brushing was performed 10 times. Wear was assessed visually, by photographing, and by scanning electron microscope.

The durability of both coating materials was found to be excellent, and no wool fibers detached from the materials.

Piping should be cleaned regularly with a nylon brush at least every five years. If the piping is cleaned properly and regularly, the service life of the surface material can be estimated from the test to be 50 years.

The testing laboratory, Captain Corrosion Oü, which was born as a spin-off at the University of Tartu, was responsible for the testing and the products tested were NTP 160-1000, NTPA 160-1000 and NKE 160-1000 Airfelt polyester coated silencers and NTF 160-1000 and NTFA 160-1000 Isover CLEANTEC coated silencers.

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