The air curtain is a useful product all year round


It is customary to keep air curtain fans in use during the heating season to prevent heated air from escaping. In hot summers, an air curtain is equally effective at preventing the escape of cooled air and keeping insects and moisture out.

The operating principle of the air curtain is to create an air curtain at the entrance, which prevents either warm or cold air from flowing to the wrong side of the doorway. Air curtains are used in industry, commercial centers, offices, car repair shops as well as in museums.

In addition to temperature, the air curtain also controls the entry of pollutants, pollen, street dust, or insects. Air curtains can also be used to ensure the desired interior conditions – a feature that is extremely important in, for example, cold rooms, the food industry, or museums. The air curtain is available either with or without a radiator.  It can be made to blow the desired warm air, and the temperature can be produced using, for example, electric or water-heating radiators.

– Air curtains have been in more active use for more than twenty years now, and they are still mainly used in shopping centers and commercial premises, although there are many other possibilities, says NORDfan Product Group Manager Jarkko Lahti. – In the food industry, for example, an air curtain is an excellent way to keep flies and other flying pests out,” he continues.

Current air curtain solutions offer an infinite number of automation and control possibilities. The air curtain automation can be connected to the building automation system, and the fan speed can be controlled manually or automatically via the building automation system.

Consider the air curtain in the design stage

With a wide range of air curtain options, ETS NORD has solutions for a wide range of purposes. You can take the air curtain into account in the design stage and use our air curtain sizing software to choose the air curtain that best meets the requirements of your property. 

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