Recair air handling units are manufactured in Vantaa


The production of Recair air handling units is centered at ETS NORD’s Vantaa office in Honkanummi, between the new and old Lahti highway. Recair air handling units with the Key Flag symbol indicating Finnish production have always been manufactured in the Helsinki region.

Most of the components for the machines are manufactured in Vantaa where the machines are also assembled. Due to the large number of machine variations, the assembly is practically handmade and employs several dozens of metal work professionals. This enables customer-specific customizations as well as the readiness to configure the air handling unit considering project-specific needs.

The body of Recair’s air handling units is made of high-quality aluminum profile, and there are several different sheath material options.

Along good connections, quick deliveries

The manufacturing of Recair air handling units in the greater Helsinki area with good transport connections is in the customer’s interest. Our agile production will start straight away, and deliveries are made quickly.

Contact your local Recair salesman and ask for more details

Matti Luoma

Sales, Southern Finland

Jyrki Niemelä

Sales, Southern Finland

Janne Jelekäinen

Sales, Northern, Central and Eastern Finland

Ilkka Sinisalo

Sales, Tampere Region, Central and Western Finland