Product development project: The best silencers on the markets for a competitive price


The silencers for ETS NORD’s round ventilation ducts were upgraded based on the feedback from customers and designers. The sound insulation value of the new silencers (NTP and NTF) is one of the best on the markets now, and the NTP silencer also carries the hygiene classification M1 for ventilation products. Maintenance is easy thanks to the absorption material: The insulation material in the NTP silencer is polyester with felt facing, mineral wool with glass fibre fabric in NTF. The glassfibre fabric will also prevent mineral wool fibres from entering the duct system.

The new silencers can be found in the MagiCad product library.

Excellent sound absorption properties make design easier

– When the sound insulation properties of a product are good, the noise from the ventilation machines and equipment are easier to manage, and the quite strict sound level requirements of modern living spaces can be fulfilled, says ETS NORD’s Product Group Manager Miko Makkonen, who participated in the product development.

A high-quality silencer also provides some free play for design and installation. When you start the installation work, you may notice that there is very little space above the suspended ceiling, but you still need to get all the technology mounted.

– A better absorption capacity makes the use of a shorter product possible. A shorter product is easier to install, but it still meets the design criteria, says Makkonen.

We have made the product selection wide enough: it includes silencers of various sizes, lengths and silencers that can be opened. We have aimed at making the silencers very compact in their dimensions as well as their structure.

Attention to the cost factors

Perforated sheet was not used as an inner duct in the new silencers. This kind of an inner structure makes them lighter and easier to install. – These changes have also made the product more cost-effective. Naturally, this will contribute to our and our client’s competitive strength in construction projects, states Makkonen.

We have also tried to minimize the energy consumed by the ventilation system. The pressure that drops of the NTP and NTF silencers are very low and the outer shell is very tight.

New silencers

  • Excellent sound absorption properties
  • Cleaning resistant, materials that can be cleaned through
  • NTP, polyester silencer with a felt surface, the hygiene category of ventilation products M1
  • NTF, mineral wool silencer with Cleantec glassfibre fabric. The fabric prevents the wool fibres from entering the duct system.
  • Openable models also operate as maintenance and cleaning hatches.
  • The larger sizes of Ø400, 500 and 630 are equipped with a silencer lamella–> which will further improve the absorption values.
  • The new internal structure –> is lighter to install, the pressure drops are lower, and the outer shell is tighter.
  • A very competitive price