Magnelis® - for conditions requiring exceptional corrosion protection


In environments where corrosion and challenging conditions cause premature wear, the right choice of materials can significantly extend the life of the product and components. Magnelis® is the best and most cost-effective alternative to galvanized steel.

Magnelis® is an exceptional, new metallic steel coating providing surface protection in a variety of applications against long-term wear and tear. It is an alloy of zinc, aluminium, and magnesium, optimised for maximum corrosion resistance. A sufficient magnesium content increases the durability of the surface protection and enables corrosion protection up to three times better than galvanized steel.

Where a hot-dip galvanised steel surface is porous, a Magnelis® -protected surface is uniform and impermeable. It also has a self-repairing property that causes a protective film to form around surface edges, weld seams and scratches. Even if brown rust has already formed on the surface to be treated, the protective film of Magnelis® will gradually form on top of it.

With its excellent properties, Magnelis® is a cost-effective alternative to stainless steel and aluminium.

– Magnelis® protects in demanding conditions and we have recommended it for applications where the risk of corrosion is higher than usual, such as saunas and spas,” says product manager Kadi Alber. – It has also been used successfully in areas exposed to chlorides and ammonia, such as swimming pools and animal shelters,” she adds.

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